In every country there is a different culture in concern to flower giving and receiving. Romania is no different, and you don't wanna mess up a special gift just because you have no idea what th culture is. You should read this special tips and trick article about how to send the freshest flowers to Romania and how to really WOW that special someone here, in Romania.


How to send flowers to Romania and what you should know before doing this:


  • Romanian women love roses, whatever the colour - roses are the most bought flower in Romania year around
  • Romanian women love freesias, tulips and lilly of the valley or any other perfumed flower
  • In Romania flowers are offered in an uneven number
  • Bouquets and arrangements with even number of flowers are offered only at funerals
  • Romanian women love to receive flowers at their office, in front of other colleagues, just to make everybody jealous
  • In Romania the bouquets are offered with the flowers up, so that the receiver can smell them
  • Bouquets don't neccesarilly have to be wrapped
  • In Romania we also adore baskets of flowers and unique, creative arrangements
  • The preffered style of floral design in Romania is very european and forward thinking, with a very artsy twist
  • Romanian women adore pastel colours, but also bombastic and neon colours
  • Usssually if you want to impress a woman, you should offer her a very large bouquet or arrangement

send flowers to romania