100% money back guarantee

With Deluxeflowershop.com you are 100% sure of your satisfaction or else you have 100% money back guarantee. From the moment you press the ORDER button and up to the moment that the recipient receives theier wonderful floral gift, our team si 100% involved and cares, really cares for each detail in your order. Why? Because we are, because you can feel it. You can feel it in the way we speak to you, in the way we constructed this website and in the way you are treated. Who are the people behin Deluxeflowershop.com?

The operators

By phone, email or chat, you are always welcomed here with a big smile on our faces and a lot of joy. We are honored that you trust us with the flower and gift delivery to all your dear ones. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

The florists

The Deluxeflowershop.com florists pasionately manufacture and create each and every bouquet, each flower, each decoration, so that the recipient can enjoy the freshest blooms an the best service. From our flowershops straight to the recipients arms, ready to create the best smiles!

The couriers

Always put together, always determined to deliver on time and in the best conditions. They are the people who give the flowers to your dear ones, who make sure they have a smile on their faces and that they are satisied with the blooms they just received.

The managers

The people behind the logistisc, the flowers, the creations are the ones that constantly think and realize optimisation processes so that your order is delivered on time and in the perfect conditions. You can be sure that each detail that you place in our hands will be respected exactly as described.