Witness picture for the delivery

Deluxeflowershop.com sends the witness picture of the actual product that has been delivered to your dear ones via email, before or after the delivery takes place, no matter the destination of your flowers in Romania. The witness picture is the guarantee of the service delivered in the best conditions, with the freshest blooms, with exactly the floral composition that you have chosen.

Why do I need the witness picture?

Because we can actually prove with this picture that we are serious, reliable and professional with everything that we do for you. In the witness picture you can see the freshness of the flowers, the number of flowers used, the colours and all the details that need special attentions. But above all you can share the emotions felt by the recipient at the sight of the same bouquet...

When does the witness picture get to my email?

The witness picture is transmited via email before production and before delivery (hours after delivery in the more crowded periods), for all the deliveries across Romania.

Is the witness picture photoshopped?

We do not photoshop the witness pictures.

How can I tell that the bouquet in the picture is actually my order?

Each order has a label with an unique order number. This unique order number is written on the label attached to the bouquet and can be read in the picture.